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Hi, My name is Javier and I like to help in the garden also. I love to keep up with our

Fuerte and Haas avocados. Remember to keep the fallen leaves on the base of the tree.

Happy gardening!

I also like to tell everyone that I enjoy the managing of an outdoor aviary. I have been taking care of parakeets  for more than 25 years and at one time had up to 40+ birds in my outdoor aviary. This is a very fun and relaxing activity. I would like to share my knowledge and experience in caring for birds outdoors in Southern California.


I built my cage using the typical structural poles of a flea market canopy. My cage is a large 15 x 15.

I purchased aviary wire that comes in 50 ft rolls 3 ft wide. I wrapped the wire around the cage and sewed the seams using wire.

I made sure to have the western facing top covered with light 4x8 plywood to provide shade and cover from heat and rain.

I used small rocks on the floor of the cage. You could also cement the bottom. I like to have the environment as natural as possible.

It is important to be able to water down the floor in order to clean up bird waste. Make sure to have some of the fence wall go about 

a foot into the soil and avoid night animals from digging under the tent. I placed a bird bath in the center, away from areas where 

birds will perch on top and dirty the water faster. I connected an old hose to the bird bath so I could refill / replenish the water.

Under the shaded area is where I can put bird houses and sticks of all diameters so they can perch. I have one or two areas of bird

feed hanging in the shaded area. You don't want to put the food out where rain or dew will moisten the feed.

I made a sliding screen door of rails that allow easy entry with some cloth in front of the door that acts as additional barrier and keep

birds from flying out as you enter or leave. Good luck with any of your aviary plans. Here are some pictures.You can always contact me via Thyme to Garden email. 

This cage is about 12 x 12. Covered with aviary wire (not chicken wire).

Keeping water fresh is key to good bird health.

I use one common feeder for the whole gang.

Keep a variety of branches and sticks for the birds to perch on. Also water down the cage every once in a while to keep things clean.

Make sure to have some grit, broken pieces of  shells, somewhere for the birds to eat.